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One stop shopping!! Worried about insurance for your new bike? We've got you covered! We also offer gap insurance and extended service contracts. You can be ready to go down the road and fully protected before your tires hit the pavement. Call us for more details.

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Gap Protection

Congratulations!! You’re buying the Motorcycle you’ve always wanted. And of course you’re getting insurance to cover it. But does your insurance cover what you owe? Did you customize your bike or include riding gear in your loan? If your Motorcycle is stolen or totaled, you could end up paying a lot of money out of your own pocket – no matter how much insurance you have. How can this happen?? Insurance has its limits!!

Insurance policies only cover actual cash value of your Motorcycle. And this value declines rapidly during the first few years of ownership. As a result there can be a substantial shortfall or “gap” between your loan balance and the amount your insurance pays to replace your bike. You can end up owing money on a vehicle you no longer own!!

Gap Closes The Distance
Gap protection is a non-insurance product that covers the “gap” by paying the difference between your insurance settlement and your loan balance.

Gap can protect you financially and get you on the road again!

Example of your savings with gap protection:

Original Purchase Price $27,000
Loan Balance After One Year $23,000
Bike’s Value (Determined By Your Insurance Company) $19,000
Shortfall Or Gap If Bike Is Stolen Or Totaled $ 4,000
Gap Protection Pays $ 4,000
****Your Out-Of-Pocket**** - 0 -

Gap Keeps You In The Driver’s Seat!

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Extended Service Contracts

Polaristar Protection Plus
Specialized coverage designed for your Victory Motorcycle. Forget where you live. Remember why you live.

This program helps drive your repair bills down in the
event of a mechanical breakdown. This protection
covers ALL factory-installed mechanical and electrical
operating components and parts*, such as:

*Engine *Electrical System
*Transmission *Brakes
*Final Drive *Fuel System
*Steering *Cooling
*Lubricating System *Electronics (Modules,Gauges,Etc)
*Front & Rear Suspension *Seals & Gaskets
*Certain Restrictions Apply

Additional benefits you will receive at no additional cost:

  • -0- Deductible
  • *Rental
  • *Pickup/Deliver
  • *Transferable Choice of Repair Facilities
  • *Seals & Gaskets Covered
  • Coverage throughout the United States and Canada
  • ****Replacement Parts Are Genuine Pure Polaris Parts****

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